27 Gaming Memes That Won't Surrender

Here are some gaming memes to help you keep going instead of giving in. After all, giving in is never an option. Who cares if you decided to skirt around half the map, dodging enemies you were never supposed to get past using a method you would never have known without the helpful tips of people on youtube who are both way better than you at the game and also breaking the game in ways the devs never intended. And now you are taking on a boss designed for the late game and you're a level two, (soon to be level three though), but you have died 27 times and are losing the will to continue.

But for those 27 deaths here are 27 gaming memes to help you persevere and never surrender, giving you that break you need to get back in there, and beat that boss on the 28th try, and giving you the xp to make the rest of the game a breeze.
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