20 Gaming Pics And Memes To Beat The Boss Of Boredom

Boredom. He's the toughest boss to defeat, and you've come face to face with him. He is why games were invented in the first place, and you have to admit they do a mighty fine job combating the boss of boredom. But here you are, a Steam library full of entertainment and not a single one of them is catching your eye. The Eldens have been Ringed, the Gods have been Wared, and the Forts have been Nited.

There is little left in your line of defense against this agent of apathy, and your mom's suggestion to go read a book leaves quite a bit of opportunity for failure. But then you realize you can stay in the world of gaming without giving in to the Devil of disinterest, and check out a bath of gaming memes instead, sure to keep your interest, and help you ward off the boss of boredom.
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