27 Halo Memes For When They Don't Add Co-Op

The end of the legendary saga is here. You're driving your Warthog across the arc as it slowly blows up, bits of flood both standing in your way, and wandering aimlessly across the structure that's sole purpose was to orchestrate their demise. You have achieved your mission, the prophet has been killed, and the Covenant have fallen, and with the destruction of this station the flood will be no more as well. That being said, at least you have your buddy playing as the Arbiter in the gunner's turret, to help clear the way. You don't have that in any of the new Halo games, and it's getting pretty hard to go much further on Legendary without the help of your buddy Chad who only plays games on your couch.

But no matter how sad this makes you, you know you'll always have the memories and friends of that old more innocent time, and some sick gaming memes to make you feel better and reminisce in the here and now.
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