'Cyberpunk 2077' Map Leaked and It's Giving off Real BDE

In case you're thirsting harder for Cyberpunk 2077 content than an OnlyFans account, some new goodies dropped today to check out.

Someone uploaded photos of the printouts that come with the game if you buy the physical version. They include a fold out map of the whole game, as well as some commemorative postcards to stick in a drawer and forget about forever.

While the map may not look like much and offer no news that we haven't already known before, it's a good reminder of how much this game packs into a relatively tiny size.

The map may not be sprawling like that of Witcher 3, but you can enter almost every skyscraper, opening up so much internal space to explore.

Sure this may be a trivial thing to nerd out over, but if you're not looking forward to this game then you must have had an abnormally positive 2020.
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