Woman in Legal Trouble for Her ‘Skyrim’ Mods Was Reported to Police by Her Friend

When one guy's wife found herself in some legal hot water for her exceptionally explicit Skyrim mods, he took to the r/LegalAdviceUK subreddit for advice. But let's be clear, he has absolutely no problem with what his wife gets up to in her spare time. 

"My wife has installed quite a few [explicit] mods on it," he wrote. "This includes non-human enemies, such as wolves, attempting to mate with the player."

According to him, the trouble began when his wife brought her laptop to a friend's house during a party, and that friend decided to get a nice dose of nostalgia by booting up the Elder Scrolls classic. But much to his surprise, he was greeted by a game, not at all like the one he had played in his youth. 

"My wife has quite a few rather unusual fetishes, but these arise from childhood trauma, so I usually just let her do her thing." 

The "friend" then decided to report the wife to the police, and "expose" her by allegedly making posts about it on Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. The husband wants to take legal action against this "friend," and their posts.

Of course, the odds that this is a real story seem slim, especially seeing as the Reddit OP has since deleted his account. But the question remains; how crazy is too crazy when it comes to Skyrim mods?

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