30 Gaming Memes That Won't Make You A Stray

When you struggle in a video game, there are only so many things you can do. Of course, the best thing you could do, the one that would yield the best results in the long run, would be to get better. But getting better is something that requires work, patience, and a level of focus and effort that simply does not exist in your life or your psyche. You could resort to raging, screaming, blaming the lag, the controller, the tv, your mom for walking in front of the tv, your cat for rubbing the controller, or the person you're playing against for hacking. You yourself could become the hacker. That would certainly help your win percentage, at least until you are caught.

Or you could decide, and this might be the best decision for you, that you are in fact a failure at this game like you are a failure in life, and it might be best to just put it down for a while and do something else that reminds of the good side of gaming. You should look at some gaming memes. Well, here's 30 of them.
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