G4tv Is Returning in 2021 and People Can't Wait to See if They Blow It

The gaming TV channel G4tv will be returning next year after stopping its broadcasting at the end of 2014.

For a lot of video game fans and fans of tech stuff in general, this is a big win.

When the channel launched in 2002, it was one of the first places on TV that had almost exclusively gaming content, as well as a mix of attractive women hosting shows and talking with guys who rarely leave the basement.

Later on the channel lost its way and started airing re-runs of COPS, so as it returns people are both excited and skeptical.

Will the new G4tv live up to its former glory (i.e. having a Playboy Playmate dress up as Wonder Woman) or will it become a crappy YouTube channel with dudes named Señor Beast yelling about the gulag?

Here's how people are reacting so far:
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