Monster Energy Halo Infinite Cans Are Already Reselling on eBay

Microsoft partnered up again with Monster Energy to create a big batch of useless merchandise and in-game features that offer players a whole lot of nothing.

Monster has slowly been rolling out their limited edition Halo Infinite cans since this July, and if you buy enough of them and upload your receipts to Halo's website, you can eventually get some "Monster green" skins for a few guns in the upcoming game.

The cans also have annoying little Snapchat codes that can be used to unlock Snapchat filters that put your face inside a Master Chief suit. Because the crossover between Halo fans and Snapchat users is so robust.

This branding exercise feels all the more futile because we still don't have a release date for the game. At this point, 2021 is just an abstract concept.

It's unclear how many cans of Liquid Kyle you have to buy before you can get these super minimal, hardly noticeable gun skins. It almost seems like if you never knew about this promotion you wouldn't be missing out at all.

But some nerds are more shameless than others, and people have already started reselling these cans for 100% markup. God bless the nerds.
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