Shameless Writer Lied about PS5 Pro and Twitter Lost Its Mind

Recently, an unpopular website called T3 published an article speculating that Sony is currently building a suped up version of the PS5 called PS5 Pro (similar to the PS4 Pro).

The claim, which the author suggests could be true but provides no real evidence that it is true, is based on a patent Sony filed earlier this year for a machine that would operate with two graphics cards. The patent is real, but the author's belief that this double GPU device actually is a PS5 Pro has little to no credibility.

The headline, of course, is extremely misleading and overpromising: "PS5 Pro with TWO graphics cards is the death blow Xbox Series X didn't see coming." So it's no surprise people took it at face value and began overreacting.

What kind of irresponsible person would write this article? His name is Robert Jones, and he did it for the clicks. He just posted it on the site, knowing it was false, and sat back as his stupid little website got a few more meager clicks.

We at the award-winning eBaum's World would never resort to that kind of trickery, so to Mr. Jones we say, for shame. Shame on you for cooking up this clickbait nonsense before we had a chance to.
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