Woman Creeped Out by Ex-Boyfriend's Video Game Character's Resemblance to Her

In a blog post, a woman named Stephanie is claiming that her ex-boyfriend, who worked at Riot Games, used her likeness to design a new League of Legends character named Seraphine.

Stephanie's argument is based on the fact that some photos of herself with pink hair and glasses look like images of the character Seraphine, who has similar hair and glasses.

Riot tried to deny any wrongdoing, saying her ex was never directly involved with the character's development and that the character was never inspired by any real person. But then they screwed up by later saying that the character was inspired by a person, just not Stephanie.

Aside from the creepiness of this character looking like Stephanie, she's most bummed about the amount of Seraphine porn out there, which people have been sending her.

Regardless of whether you believe Stephanie or not, the takeaway here is that you never want to date anyone who makes video games. Other wise you might just find yourself playing GTA 6 as a character that looks a lot like you and has an identical micro penis.
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Uploaded 11/13/2020
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