• We got this... I think
    • We got this... I think

      • Thank you. We'll be back! And we're thinking about our friends in the north east. We've been in such a tunnel, we're just realizing what they endured :(
      • Sep, 5 2021 08:48am
    • In my day....
    • In my day....

      • Aww man. That's harsh, I remember being a mall rat, riding bikes all day, no parents breathing down your back, no worries about safety or bullying- sure it happened but there wasn't such an emphasis. It was part of life and it taught us to handle our stuff. I remember TPing houses (kids can't do that or ring and runs because of security cameras), crank calls at sleep overs, and so many other things. I don't remember ever really being bored.
      • Jul, 31 2021 07:18pm
    • The Random Files
    • The Random Files

      • They can't teach things like that in school anymore. It offends people or maybe they've taken New Math a step further for New Temperature. IDK.
      • Jul, 30 2019 04:38pm
    • Currently in New Orleans II
    • Currently in New Orleans II

      • We haven't had a storm in several years but yeah we knew it was going to happen. Cali knows they'll have Earthquakes, the midwest will face wildfires and probably some tornadoes (every year- YES! EVERY year) and I'm not a meteorologist but I would put money on some blizzards and heavy snowfalls in the northeast. :) But if you know of a place that doesn't have any weather issues I'm sure we're all ready to move.
      • Jul, 13 2019 11:29am
    • A throwback to the 50s~
    • A throwback to the 50s~

      • The hand written receipt is a nice touch (kind of looks like the same receipt they do for special orders at the local pizza dive)
      • Mar, 31 2016 05:17pm
    • Here's an 80s album for ya
    • Here's an 80s album for ya

      • I loved them too, used to make chocolate Popsicles out of them. Yoohoo was no where near as good
      • Jan, 19 2016 07:03am


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