• Another flashback to the 50s and 60s
    • Another flashback to the 50s and 60s

      • I always felt like I should have been born in the 50s- swing music, great clothes, respect for one another and not wasting time and life on texting and technology. People actually lived in real time, knew how to socialize and how to interact face-to-face. They dealt with problems, didn't feel self-rightous (like the world OWED them) and kids didn't get trophies just for signing up for a team (hell, you don't even have to show up anymore).
      • Nov, 3 2015 06:58pm
    • Teaching truths
    • Teaching truths

      • IDK where you live but teachers don't get summers off (working 8 am to 3 pm and having a planning period are both distant memories). Teachers simply teach for a battery of tests and put out fires (not literally), break up fights, and learn about the new methods of lockdowns; hands-on learning, experiments and learning for pleasure - not even in my former magnet school for gifted and talented. They squashed the fun of learning. I have moved on to other endeavors, I got into teaching to inspire creativity and curiosity, not to torture and douse that flame. Ah well, stepping off that soapbox.
      • Oct, 29 2015 07:15pm
    • A real haunted house
    • A real haunted house

      • I actually want to stay one Halloween but you have to book a year or more in advance!!! Friends went on a regular night and also had some weird experiences and another friend is part of the local ghost hunter group and they brought equipment- the readings were fantastic, got some good pics. IDK, I'm apprehensive but open minded (as I am with everything). I don't scare easily at all, sooo we'll see.
      • Oct, 27 2015 06:49am
    • Flashback to the 70s
    • Flashback to the 70s

      • I think those are just work jumpsuits. You can definitely get one of those. The beard- NOOO! From a woman's POV, NOOOO! A big heavy beard scares the crap out of me.
      • Oct, 15 2015 04:58pm
    • The 1980s
    • The 1980s

      • Thank you!!! ^_^ It's always nice when your Ebaum mentor gives you happy stars! :)
      • Oct, 8 2015 06:52pm
    • Randomly weird
    • Randomly weird

      • Ohhh Aussieee, you're Troll-Walter! Well you are always welcome in my albums. I've come to rather look forward to you popping up :)
      • Oct, 5 2015 08:06pm


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