• Life truths
    • Life truths

      • Cajun- Guys don't get it- we LOVE to see their butts (saggy pants are so sad for us) and a suit is .... mmmm. TY but he's been trolling a few of my albums. Some get off on that XD
      • Oct, 1 2015 08:13pm
    • Life truths
    • Life truths

      • Well thank you for pointing that out, sweetie (I'm a woman so no need to freak out about the term of endearment). I will move that pic to the end of the line and place something else up front. I'm sure you've seen most of these if you have a lot of time to peruse the net! :) Be gentle with others, you never know what they've gone through that day. No need to troll.
      • Oct, 1 2015 08:11pm
    • Friday funnies
    • Friday funnies

      • It scares me to think people would actually try this. You can also run the spoon under hot water (that is the secret to Baskin Robbins ice crystals in their ice cream)
      • Sep, 18 2015 09:05pm
    • 21 pics of yesteryears
    • 21 pics of yesteryears

      • Sometimes I really think I was born too late. The 50s had the best of so many things and I love the idea of a simpler time (people were nicer and had so much more respect for each other... or so it seemed, I could be wrong and just romanticizing what I've seen on the tellie and heard from stories).
      • Sep, 18 2015 07:59am
    • Randomly Randomness
    • Randomly Randomness

      • Yay! Because... I am a woman soooo I am happy you didn't think I was a guy. Thank you :)
      • Sep, 11 2015 04:52pm
    • 21 Life Truths You Will Agree With
    • 21 Life Truths You Will Agree With

      • Trolls gonna troll, Elliekins. It used to bother me, now I just see them as poor little things sitting in their mum's basements with nothing better to do. I don't understand why they bother, if you don't like something just click away! LOL
      • Sep, 11 2015 07:10am


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