• Armed school resource officer failed to act during shooting
    • Armed school resource officer failed to...

      • You mean only the "Government "could stop a shooter,not a highly trained student,teacher,or security with a gun could bring a shooter down?The Gov. has failed repeatedly at stopping these situations,even when they are supposedly performing these so called school lock-down "active shooter drills" at the exact same time.That's what they want us to think is that only the Gov. could save us,as the media pedals fear and makes the "alleged shooter"famous to encourage copycats.The media knows better,but still have done the same practice since Columbine,just at attempting to keep themselves relevant.You posted this and you call it "FAKE NEWS"?
      • Feb, 23 2018 02:52am
    • Trump to Blame for Gun Control /Florida School Shooting
    • Trump to Blame for Gun Control /Florida...

      • You need to read better "lied and/or created fake events".There was at the very least prior knowledge of all of these events.And why is it these "drills go live"?Coincidence I think not!Olympic bombing,Columbine,Sandy Hook all fake casualties you cried over.
      • Feb, 18 2018 03:01am
    • Trump to Blame for Gun Control /Florida School Shooting
    • Trump to Blame for Gun Control /Florida...

      • Why did congress pass laws that make it legal to perform propaganda on U.S. citizens?It is now legal to stage a drill and lie about the casualties on the news to the American public.Even before it was legal the Gov. has lied and/or created fake events to encourage the public to go to war...look it up,battle of Tonkin,Pearl Harbor,Wtc weapons of mass destruction to help sway public opinion.Low as it may seem using the supposed deaths of children,to sway the public on gun control and give our trust to the Gov. to save us is not so surprising
      • Feb, 18 2018 01:15am
    • CNN's Best Anti Gun Interview Right In Front Of The Alleged Crime Scene
    • CNN's Best Anti Gun Interview Right In...

      • If it were a crime scene interviews would be down the street,the school grounds would be off limits.And if the kid saw it on his phone CNN would have been there when it happened.Hows that for luck?
      • Feb, 17 2018 08:29pm
    • Memo to Elon Musk re 'Starman' Tesla Roadster: Where are all the stars?
    • Memo to Elon Musk re 'Starman' Tesla...

      • Hey I'm forced to be a sellout for views now...or maybe you can't tell that the narrative has changed here drastically.My mission was to post possible truths and let the viewers decide w perhaps some occasional trolling.And I have gotten a couple "fake news" takedowns on quoted articles.None of us can be absolutely sure of anything,but for where that car is supposed to be THOSE TIRES LOOK SHOWROOM FRESH,lol
      • Feb, 13 2018 01:11pm


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