• UFO?
    • UFO?

      • Told you it was flat yo
      • May, 13 2017 09:35pm
    • The Comment Section Has Been Purged
    • The Comment Section Has Been Purged

      • The Features are not a vehicle for private chats anymore,and should never have been.It's a showcase which was abused beyond belief and totally deteriorated to many pointless insults,and non appealing hostile conversations which most members dare not enter.And you guys were just fine with that?
      • May, 13 2017 10:52am
    • The Comment Section Has Been Purged
    • The Comment Section Has Been Purged

      • I have not always agreed with your blogs...*tries to think back,but you have dropped a truth bomb here.With all the previous changes we have become a safe for work site,and many of the comments were troublesome for the mods to deal with,and wasted a lot of their valuable time,and sometimes I'm sure offended many users,and left a poor first impression for the casual user.I lost a ton of views with the redesigns and no more x-rated stuff,but it has been a great direction and decision by the staff to make this site more advertiser friendly to help us compete with all of the main stream sites and maintain our edginess that still makes us very unique
      • May, 13 2017 09:33am
    • I hate
    • I hate

      • I'd say you tube,my (SKYBRITE) channel went 2 months ago from 50 bucks est. revenue to $4.28 a couple days ago...but now I'm at $8.62.So it might be turning around
      • May, 4 2017 08:32pm


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