• Timeline of Donald Trump Downplaying Coronavirus
    • Timeline of Donald Trump Downplaying...

      • Everyone needs to take a chill pill. The media is profiting from the hysteria & this will be over in a few weeks. There's a 6 day cure on the verge of going worldwide at the end of the month. Even if there wasn't, this is a nothing burger. 1350 people died every week during the FLU in 2018--2019 in the USA alone. Context. The soulless media whores on TV avoid it, and everyone panics.
      • Mar, 23 2020 12:43am
    • Timeline of Donald Trump Downplaying Coronavirus
    • Timeline of Donald Trump Downplaying...

      • @ I plogged, I did the math this morning, 1 in 88,500 people have the virus here and the economy is crashing. It's utter insanity. Gov't is handing out free money we can't afford like it's Christmas. Scientists claim they found a cure this morning btw:
      • Mar, 18 2020 10:35pm
    • Timeline of Donald Trump Downplaying Coronavirus
    • Timeline of Donald Trump Downplaying...

      • The virus is all fake hype. More contagious and a bit more deadly, but still just the flu. China's new case numbers are crashing every day, and the only people dying are the elderly or those with preexisting medical conditions - just like other flus, every single year. Every year 10-15% of all flu cases are Corona strains. There's something else going on here. Time will tell exactly what it is.
      • Mar, 18 2020 06:42pm
    • NYPD Attacks Teenager After Plainclothes Cop Illegally Detains Him
    • NYPD Attacks Teenager After...

      • Real story out now.....Cops called to park after shots fired reported. 2 teens smoking pot start running. 1 gets detained, other gets away. 1 being detained flails arms like a baby and can't shut up. Resists arrest when backup tries to handcuff him. All could have been avoided if he kept calm and obeyed cops. He got what he deserved. The end.
      • Mar, 6 2020 06:36pm
    • Finnish Town's Anti-Rape PSA is Just Plain Terrible
    • Finnish Town's Anti-Rape PSA is Just...

      • @ Cheese, we could add stabbings, killings, acid attacks, grenade attacks, and a welfare crisis to your sentence. The women & the fruitcake in the vid are the very idiots that voted for it; and they'll keep voting for it in the future.
      • Mar, 5 2020 12:09am


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