• Fry That Bacon 41
    • Fry That Bacon 41

      • considering he's quick to post this shit online, he's probably been traced, found, and beaten up already.
      • Jun, 27 2020 11:05pm
    • Celebrating PRIDE!
    • Celebrating PRIDE!

      • Just want to apologize for this place first. These people are really not bright, and very right-wing/trashy. Our parades are in July, though, and hopefully will still be on this year. Congrats!
      • Jun, 27 2020 08:22pm
    • Chaotic-Good Dude Forces Whole Foods to Help the Needy
    • Chaotic-Good Dude Forces Whole Foods to...

      • you're leaving out the part where this guy doesn't have 115 billion. His house probably looks a lot like yours, i.e., not a fucking mansion you built in part by underpaying your workers. You do also know that minuscule shows of philanthropy are a common practice of the wealthy, so stupid people like you will defend them like you are now? If Bezos paid his fucking taxes you could multiply that asinine amount by hundreds.
      • Jun, 25 2020 08:08pm
    • Chaotic-Good Dude Forces Whole Foods to Help the Needy
    • Chaotic-Good Dude Forces Whole Foods to...

      • what's sad is that you probably make about $9 an hour, if you're employed at all. you will never win brownie points with the sociopaths you worship and will never be rich like them someday, too. You should probably also brush up on your understanding of fallacies, dude. that's not what a 'strawman' is.
      • Jun, 25 2020 08:00pm
    • Tony Timpa's Mother Speaks Publically
    • Tony Timpa's Mother Speaks Publically

      • anyone who repeatedly and vehemently argues against any of what you just said is just as beyond reform as these people are. This is the reason over half this country is discussing eliminating their profession entirely; like pulling a tooth rotten to the root and chucking it in the trash.
      • Jun, 25 2020 01:34pm
    • "They Shrank His Shoulders" Becomes a...

      • Just finished this game. Virtually every bullshit thing you're complaining about is either made-up or based on paranoid conjecture after cherry-picking scenes you found on youtube. If it bothers you, don't buy the game. All the money certainly isn't bugging them.
      • Jun, 23 2020 12:09pm


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