Woman Destroys Her Boyfriend's PS5 After Catching Him Cheating

A woman in Atlanta, Georgia allegedly caught her boyfriend cheating, which resulted in her throwing all of his stuff out the window, including his PS5. The TikTok video recorded by a neighbor, @noraisnotavailable, went viral over the weekend as she caught the woman tossing out the remaining possessions of her now ex-boyfriend. In the video, there are a few others filming the scene, and a man standing on the corner with his arms out, possibly the cheating boyfriend. But it doesn't stop there, in a follow-up video the next morning, @noraisnotavailable films the aftermath of the scene. All of the man's possessions are destroyed on the ground and she mentions the police were eventually called and discovered the woman wielding an ax, threatening her cheating boyfriend.

@noraisnotavailable backs up the woman's actions stating, "don't cheat on ATL ho there are consequences allegedly," in an overlay caption. The comment section also takes the woman's side with one user saying, "Females from Atl are built different. We don't play that."

Despite all the support the woman was receiving from the comments, @noraisnotavailable posted one final video claiming the woman was evicted from the apartment complex.

While women in Atlanta might be "built different," it doesn't change the fact that if you act like a fool, you're going to suffer the consequences. Looks like everyone involved got exactly what they deserved.
@noraisnotavailable This is CRAZY!!! but ME TOO GIRL!!!!!! #GOOFF @mednight1998 ♬ original sound - Nora


Um an axe? Who snitched??

♬ original sound - Nora
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