Troll Challenges Classical Guitarist to Play ‘Halo’ Theme, and It Turns Out Beautiful

By now we've seen dozens upon dozens of renditions of 'Halo's' iconic theme song.

From professional opera singers, to an NFL lineman, to the perfect church acoustics, the Halo theme as been reimagined time and time again. A game which is so close to so many people's hearts it's no surprise that after all these years people are still so fond of that iconic music.

But a video posted by Beyond The Guitar, might take the cake. This guy was challenged in a comment that the 'Halo' theme would sound like trash on classical guitar. A challenge he took rather personally, so he make this video, which we think is safe to say, kick-ass.

I we hope whoever posted the original comment has since deleted it, along with their account, because this rendition is out of this world. But then again, we want to thank the faceless troll for his challenge because without his comment we wouldn't have this video. Think Coheed & Cambria meets Xbox.
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