GTA V Graphics Mod 'Natural Vision Evolved' Makes the Game Look Incredible

It is crazy to think that Grand Theft Auto V was released nearly nine years ago (Tuesday, September 17, 2013). The game has stood the test of time as there are still hundreds of thousands of active players both in the game's online mode (GTAV Online) and the game's story / single-player mode. In April of 2022 steam reported that the game reached 153 thousand concurrent players on the Steam Platform.

FiveM, which is an open-source multiplayer modification framework, continues to grow in popularity. FiveM has seen over 10 million Rockstar Social accounts linked since early 2017, and now often exceeds 250,000 concurrent players. The only hangup for some is the graphics as compared to current and next-gen games, but in the game's defense, it is going on nine years old.

Enter Razed Mods and his graphics mod 'Natural Vision Evolved'. The graphical enhancement mod for GTA V / FiveM takes the 9-year-old game, adds some amazing detail and visuals to the game, and makes it look like a modern-day new release. Here is a preview trailer released from Razed Mods showcasing some of the newest features and additions to NVE.
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