Kalashnikov, Maker of the AK-47, Accused of Stealing From Indie Game Studio

In love and war, stealing designs from your enemies is a proven strategy, but in a recent investigation conducted by IGN, this old tactic has taken a new form. According to IGN, indie game studio Ward B has accused Kalashnikov Concern, Russia's biggest small arms manufacturer of stealing a design from one of their games.

If the name Kalashnikov sounds familiar it's because Kalashnikov Concern is the maker of the infamous AK-47. It's unknown exactly how many people have been killed with an AK-47, but it is believed to be the most deadly gun if not weapon ever created. And this same company is being accused of stealing their work from video game designers. What a world we live in, truly.

Now if I were a gun designer, I too would take influence from video games, as games have some badass artillery, but whoever lifted this gun from Ward B, seems to have taken a bit too much inspiration.

But then again, I bet a small part of the team behind the shotgun is at least a little excited to see their creation become a reality.
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