Fox Thinks Xbox's New Power Save Feature is Part of the "Woke Agenda"

Fox and Friends has decided that Xbox is "going woke" because of its new power-saving mode. In this clip they claim that the feature's true purpose is to indoctrinate children by "trying to convert your kids into climate politics at an earlier age." Inspired by a Ted Cruz tweet, host Ainsley Earhardt asks guest Jimmy Failla about the new mode, who goes on to argue that it makes kids "climate conscious now."

The new feature is designed to turn off your Xbox if it has been idling for too long. This guards against people who leave the system on for extended periods between uses, or simply forget to turn it off. It hardly seems like part of the "woke agenda."

Back in the old days, parents used to rag on their kids if they left the lights on, or the fridge open. This is a simple feature that already exists on just about all other electronic devices. It's a pathetic selection for Fox's performative outrage, even by their standards.

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