Twitch Streamer Awkwardly Denies Kiss From Mod

Twitch streamer Kiaraakitty was hanging out and IRL-streaming with one of her mods when a donation requesting they kiss came through. While the poor dude is clearly more than up for it, it's obvious Kiaraa isn't, and the awkwardness that ensues is thick enough to cut with a butter knife.

Opinions on the video tended to range from people who felt bad for the guy to those who think it's his own fault for simping so hard for a streamer who has previously admitted to using mods for cash donations. Generally speaking, mods for popular streamers are highly-engaged fans of their channel (and often top-tier donors) who are then elevated to mod status by the streamer.

Some have also speculated that a lot of these 'cringe' interactions between streamers and their mods might actually be fake (as so many things in social media are). Considering how viral and popular these types of 'cringe' interactions are and the legions of commenters who go into apoplectic fits of rage while calling out 'selfish' streamers (and sharing the crap out of it), it's entirely possible that savvier creators have already started creating content to cater to that specific niche.

Real or fake, one thing's for sure: the cringe is off the charts either way.
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