Fans Have Mixed Reactions to 'The Last of Us' Trailer

It would appear that 'The Last of Us' is the next video game making the transition to television, but fan reactions to the trailer have been mixed thus far. Following Paramount's decision to completely change the story for their 'Halo' series, it would appear that HBO will stay true to this narrative driven zombie apocalypse game, targeting the show as a drama to a wider audience that doesn't need to be into gaming.

Personally I am encouraged by the trailer. I think it is the right decision to honor the story of a game that told one so well, and if this show can really capture that bond between Joel and Ellie as the game did, I think it will go a long way into further legitimizing video games as a narrative medium to be taken seriously.

Some fans are concerned with the cinematography of the trailer looking too bright, while others are upset that the casting decisions do not more closely resemble their in game counterparts. But both Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey have been fantastic in the past, and in such a short trailer I think it is hard to look too much into anything. I'm just glad we're getting a legitimate game based show that seems to want to honor its inspiration.
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