It has been a long time since we’ve gotten any real news on Grand Theft Auto VI. Rockstar’s highly anticipated sequel to 2013’s GTA V was officially confirmed back in February of 2022, but as the 10-year anniversary of that game’s release date looms, fans are antsy to hear more.

Other than last year’s sizable hack, and a recent alleged leak of the game's new map, there isn’t much to go on. To show just how long it’s been since we got a new Grand Theft Auto, fans have taken to roasting the iPhone 4 in GTA V’s iconic cover art.

At the time of writing, buying the newest iPhone would mean getting a 14 Pro Max. Believe it or not, almost twice as much time has passed between the iPhone 4 and 14, as did between the 4 and the original back in 2007. In the time it has taken Apple to make 13 new phones, Rockstar has made one new GTA.

“10 iPhones later we still stuck with V,” @WolfieKrol commented on Twitter.

While Rockstar has kept most details about the new game under wraps, we don’t need a leak to know that the cover model will be taking her selfies with a different phone this time around.