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During the latest PlayStation 5 Showcase, Sony introduced Final Fantasy XVI.

Though likely extremely early in its development cycle, the game offered a few breathtaking moments that gave plenty away for both hardcore fans and future PS5 adopters.

Final Fantasy XVI looks like an intriguing change of pace for the long-running RPG series in many ways, from its fantastical approach to storytelling to its slick new characters.

But even eagle-eyed viewers may have missed some of these key factors. Here are seven things you might have missed in the Final Fantasy XVI reveal trailer.

1. Gaining Abilities from Summons

final fantasy xvi 16

The world of Final Fantasy has always included summons. From the fiery Ifrit to the icy Shiva, these creatures have been mainstays in the series since the very beginning.

Typically, however, party members have either controlled summons as a third-party or they've fought alongside them in battle, issuing commands.

The Final Fantasy XVI trailer features a few very clear looks at and mentions of summons, including Titan, Shiva, and Phoenix.

final fantasy summons

It seems that protagonist Joshua may very well be transforming into a form that incorporates both human and Phoenix abilities rather than simply borrowing them.

There's a discussion about "Shiva's Dominant," which sounds like a way for characters to directly control (or even enter) the summon's body.

It's unclear if this is how summons will work in the new game, but it certainly seems as though human characters will either gain special abilities from the creatures they fight alongside or transform into hybrid creatures incorporating both human and summon-centric features.

This should be an intriguing change for the series in general.

2. Possible Time Travel

final fantasy xvi 16

The  protagonist seen in the trailer, who calls himself "Joshua's Shield," could potentially be an older version of Joshua himself. This is based on their looks and the way this unknown stranger is so militant about protecting Joshua.

Could this individual have seen a dangerous future and is now trying to prevent it from happening again to Joshua?

It’s not clear from the small amount of footage in the trailer just yet, but this could certainly be a case of time travel where the older version of the character is out to protect the younger version for various reasons.

3. It Resembles Final Fantasy XIV (FF14)

final fantasy xvi 16

The Final Fantasy XVI trailer looks a lot like Final Fantasy XIV, but there's a reason for that.

Naoki Yoshida, the director and producer on Final Fantasy XIV, is also working on Final Fantasy XVI.

His influences will be felt throughout the upcoming RPG, so don't be surprised if it plays like the newly-rescued MMORPG.

4. Dragoons Returns

final fantasy xvi 16

Early on in the Final Fantasy XVI trailer, we see a battle featuring someone in the iconic armor of a Dragoon, or "Dragon Knight/Lancer."

This is a recurring job in the Final Fantasy series and one of the most iconic classes you can assign to party members. Identified by their usage of a lancer and the "Jump" attack that lets them rain down damage on enemies, they're formidable foes.

However, they haven't been prevalent in the series over the last few modern entries. They were last seen in Final Fantasy XIII and its sequels as well as Final Fantasy XIV.

It looks like this game could be bringing them back in a big way, or at least in a way that centers them once more in the narrative.

5. Eikons Are Important

final fantasy xvi 16

Summons obviously exist in Final Fantasy XVI, but eikons are an important part of the game as well.

You may remember eikons from Final Fantasy XIV, when the game's characters worshipped Nikons as if they were gods. Eikons are front and center in this trailer, and it looks like there may be some sort of different factions worshiping different Nikons.

This remains to be seen, but it's fairly obvious that this is a strong link to Final Fantasy XIV.

6. Potentially Huge Lore Twist

final fantasy xvi 16

Near the end of the trailer, a peculiar phrase flashes by: "The legacy of the crystals has shaped our history for long enough."

This points to a recurring theme throughout the Final Fantasy series: crystals. Crystals have appeared in many shapes and forms over the years across nearly every single Final Fantasy entry, and as such are important pieces of the puzzle with each tale.

However, it appears that Final Fantasy XVI could stop using crystals to represent various plot points. It's unclear what this means in the context of the game, but there could be a major paradigm shift coming for the overarching Final Fantasy mythos.

7. Final Fantasy XVI Will Be a PS5 Exclusive

You may have missed this important tidbit by the end of the trailer, but unlike Final Fantasy XV before it, this will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive.

That might mean you have to invest in the new system if you want to check it out, which could be one of Sony’s aces in the hole.

Final Fantasy is a big get, and having to play the latest and greatest on the PS5 means the company could move a significant number of systems because of it.

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