sephiroth final fantasy VII 7 video game - jesus christ

Religious organizations have been known to get touchy around video games that have any religious imagery, themes, or subtext.

That's why when Final Fantasy games were originally released in the U.S., certain religious references were censored. It wasn't until Final Fantasy VII arrived on the PlayStation that those references were left in tact.

Just what kind of religious references are we talking about? Well, consider the fact that FF7's main bad guy, Sephiroth, is basically Jesus.

If you're not convinced, here's some facts to reconsider:

1. Their dads are both omnipotent beings

jenova sephiroth final fantasy VII 7

Sephiroth is the son of Jenova. Jesus is the son of God, also named Jenova(h) in the Old Testament. Sephiroth draws his extraordinary powers from Jenova similar to how Jesus draws his own miraculous powers from God.

They are both human, but have abilities far above anything any other human possesses. 

2. They're often conflated with their all-powerful dads

jenova sephiroth final fantasy VII 7

In The Bible, Jesus and God are often referred to as being one and the same. In Final Fantasy VII Sephiroth and Jenova are described the same way.

The Bible says that Jesus is the way in which we see God, and Sephiroth represents Jenova to the point of even turning into parts of her at different points in the game.

3. They both love a "promised land"

jenova sephiroth final fantasy VII 7 promised land

The Promised Land is a name used heavily in The Bible in regards to a place where God’s people can live in peace and prosperity.

In Final Fantasy 7, Sephiroth proclaims The Promised Land, where he can claim godhood and rule over all, just as Jesus proclaims God's Kingdom, where he will ascend to the right hand of God and reign over the world. 

4. They're obsessed with ascension 

jenova sephiroth final fantasy VII 7 ascension

Jesus often speaks of uniting with God and ascending into heaven. Sephiroth talks about uniting with Jenova and going to The Promised Land, a place compared to heaven in The Bible.

Jesus dies but returns and is seen by his followers. Sephiroth is revealed to be dead when Cloud and the gang find his body in the Northern Crater, though he was seen by them earlier and is still influencing events in the world. 

5. They both use a trifecta of spiritual magic

jenova sephiroth final fantasy VII 7 gif

The lifestream empowers people in Final Fantasy VII in the use of magic. In The Bible The Holy Spirit empowers people in the use of spiritual gifts. Sephiroth has a deep connection with the Lifestream just as Jesus has a deep connection with The Holy Spirit.

This makes Sephiroth, Jenova, and the Lifestream similar to the Christian view of The Holy Trinity.

6. Their names carry a lot of weight

jenova sephiroth final fantasy VII 7 gif

Sephiroth's name comes from the Hebrew word 'Sephiot,' which signify the 10 attributes through which God can be seen. Jesus is described in The Bible as God manifest, expressing the attributes of God in everything that he does.

Both of their names carry great power and bring a reputation with them. 

7. They have loyal followers and get a lot of work done whether they're dead or alive

jenova sephiroth final fantasy VII 7 remnants

In the CGI sequel to Final Fantasy VII, Advent Children, Sephiroth returns, as prophesied by his remnants, just as Jesus’ followers prophesied his return.

The remnants of Sephiroth reflect his will just as Jesus’ followers are called to emulate him in everything that they do. Both of their presences are felt strongly in the world even when they were not physically present there.

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