cyberpunk 2077 video game screenshot

Here's a small list of helpful tips that would have made the first 20 or so hours of Cyberpunk 2077 easier for me if I knew them ahead of time.

For a more in-depth guide, check out this one here. Or see which five settings adjustments can drastically improve your experience.

1. Don’t Just Sell Everything

cyberpunk 2077 video game screenshot

As gamers, we’re tempted to sell everything in our inventory the second we get something better. But deconstruction is sometimes a better idea than selling.

When you sell, all you get is cash. When you deconstruct items, you get crafting materials that are sometimes worth more than what you’d have sold the item for. 


2. Timing Is Everything

cyberpunk 2077 video game screenshot

Certain missions can only be completed at certain times of day, and if you miss your window, you lose out on that quest and the game goes on without you.

3. Check Your Phone

cyberpunk 2077 video game screenshot

There’s an in-game phone that lets you make calls and send text messages to friends and contacts.

Sometimes you’ll just go hang out with a buddy, sometimes you’ll have a lucrative job offer just waiting for you to pick it up.

4. Be Careful with What You Wear

cyberpunk 2077 video game screenshot

Clothes make a difference in Cyberpunk 2077. Each piece of clothing has an armor value and mod slots that allow you to insert mods that increase your abilities.

The mods on clothing stay on it unless you decide to remove them, in which case the mod is destroyed.

So choose what you wear wisely because a higher armor value isn’t always worth the trade off of losing good mods.

5. Learn How to Hack

cyberpunk 2077 video game screenshot

Cyberpunk 2077 is littered with locked rooms, doors, safes and vaults that have all kinds of goodies for the taking that you won’t be able to access without hacking abilities.

You don’t need to completely spec out as a hacker, but you should definitely put some points into Cool and Intelligence so you don’t lose out on potential upgrades.

6. Your Gear Can Be Upgraded

cyberpunk 2077 video game screenshot

You don’t have to go out and buy new gear or constantly swap between weapons just because you found a gun with a little bit more damage.

You can consistently upgrade your weapons to increase their lethality and special abilities.

If you find a gun you like, keep it. Break down guns you’re not going to play with and use those crafting materials to upgrade your weapon of choice.

7. Don’t Fast Travel

cyberpunk 2077 video game screenshot

Fast traveling can be tempting when you’re in an open world as big as Night City, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Some of the best content in the game is experienced when you’re just cruising through Night City, encountering optional combat scenes, exploring rewards, and talking with interesting NPCs.

These and so much more are waiting for you and are totally worth it, so don't skip past them in a rush to beat the game.