nothing, forever - banned

The 24-hour, AI-created Seinfeld parody, Nothing, Forever has been banned from Twitch after its version of Jerry Seinfeld made a joke about how being transgender is "actually a mental illness."

The Show was created by Mismatch Media, and takes Seinfeld's concept - a never-ending show about nothing - and uses AI technology to make that a reality. Using programs like DALL-E, OpenAI GPT-3, and Stable Diffusion to animate and write the show in real-time, it can run non-stop with new content indefinitely... that is until it was banned. 

One of the show's co-creators Skyler Hartle says he is "super embarrassed" by the situation, and that the AI's comments do not reflect the company's views whatsoever. According to him, the issue arose from a programming mistake. 

“We thought we had solved for this problem—we use a built-in content moderation system provided by OpenAI—but clearly we hadn’t... We mistakenly believed we were correctly leveraging OpenAI’s tools for content moderation, but that wasn’t the case.” He also stated that they would look into adding a secondary layer of moderation before going live again.

nothing, forever

You can't be too careful when it comes to censoring smart AIs, as they have an unfortunate history of parroting the darker corners of the internet in search of content. Microsoft's infamous 2016 chatbot Tay learned that lesson the hard way, taking only 16 hours to spiral into an antisemitic tirade. Although technology has certainly improved since then, the VTuber AI Streamer Neuro Sama was also recently banned after doubting the existence of the Holocaust. It is impressive that Nothing, Forever streamed non-stop for as long as it did before encountering an incident. 

Nothing, Forever is a technological marvel, and the fact that it's almost watchable as real T.V. is a testament to modern technology and Mismatch Media's spectacular work. It won't be long before we can really have an endless show about nothing, though hopefully without the tasteless jokes.