Amouranth's reach is pretty big. The model, streamer, and bathtub artist is best known for her highly popular Twitch channel, where she can be found working out, making strange ASMR content, and bathing. 

Most recently Amouranth made headlines when Twitch disabled the ads on her channel, before reversing the decision and releasing a Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches category. But life as a famous person on the internet and especially famous women isn't all its sunshine and rainbows. 

Apparently, someone tried setting her house on fire over the weekend. And it's not the first time someone has shown up at her house intending to cause her and her family harm. Last year someone was arrested before they could set off fireworks at her house, and not counting the many times she's been swatted over the years, which apparently has happened so much that she has a "safe word" with her local police station. 

It's a sure sign of how sick people can be when streamers have to have close relationships with their local law enforcement agencies just because their viewers are actively trying to ruin their lives. She offers some advice at the end of her thread about the best case practices for other streamers in her situation. 

You can think what you want, but when someone who makes content like this, receives constant hate and IRL threats, maybe it's time to reevaluate this online experiment. Because while sure making seven figures a month selling your nudes is a pretty big flex, no one should have to live like this.