my mom seriously said that if I get 100,000 signatures she will buy me a ps5

There's moments in life when you have the power to do something truly great for your fellow humans. Today is one of those days.

This is bigger than discovering a cure for a disease or buying an extra round at the bar. This is about getting a little kid the video game console he needs to feel whole again.

ps5 secured meme

[men across the country doing whatever necessary to secure a ps5]

Logan Cruise, a brave young man in Canada, asked his mom for a Sony PlayStation 5, but she said no. Logan's mom will only buy him a PS5 if he can get 100,000 signatures on a petition, which is a real dick move.

According to Logan's profile, he's "just a teenager with a dream," and that dream is about "overcoming [his] depression and being happy."

The key to unlocking Logan's happiness is, of course, a PS5.

sony playstation 5 with tiny figurines on top

As of writing, the petition has about 20,000 signatures, so Logan's off to a great start. But he needs everyone's help to reach that 100,000 signature goal and show his mom that he really deserves this expensive toy.

At $499, a PS5 is not an everyday purchase. But doctors say that Logan's hope of owning one is the only thing he has to look forward to now that Canada is hunkering down for a long, cold winter.

tiny tim christmas carol movie

Let's spread this petition wide and far and get everyone you know to sign it. It takes less than one minute to sign and it would bring one person a lot of joy.

If you have the energy to do one nice thing this year, consider signing this stupid petition and making the world a better place. Logan is counting on you, and we at eBaum's are counting on you too.