When Polish Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team Valkiria Gaming showed up to Good Game League 2018 this past weekend, it was serious about competing. All five players and their head coach walked onto the stage with game faces on, and nothing on their mind other than winning.

Things started extremely well for the team, and at one point they were up 12-8 against x-kom. It was going so well... and then the above happened in front of an audience of over 200,000 people (check out the video).

After the players heard a noise on-stage but couldn't find where it came from, they continued on as if nothing happened. The coach wasn't injured, but with hundreds of thousands of gamers having seen him fall through the venue like a cannonball, the embarrassment was an injury in and of itself.

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Sadly, Valkiria Gaming would end up losing the match 1-2, claiming fourth place at the tournament. Although it has nothing to do with it, the coach falling was the inflection point of their loss.

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