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As video games have taken over mainstream entertainment—the global video game industry is worth $159 billion, while the entire music industry is only worth $57 billion—and become a fixture of pop culture, gaming culture is being watered down in a disturbing way.

Avid gamers used to be mocked and beaten up. Now they're millionaire esports players with mansions and barely-legal harems. This widespread acceptance of gaming has allowed too many normies to enter the gaming space, and they're starting to make it smell weird.

Case in point: the people purchasing PS5s as an opportunity to propose to their significant other.

ps5 marriage proposal - rolled up after midnight pickup of our ps5s and snuck this game into the pile

Conflating the significant experience of buying a next-gen console with the seemingly much larger one of getting married cheapens the impact of both.

Are these couples going to include the PS5 in their weddings? Will it be in the prenup? Will they name their child after it? And more importantly, when they sit down to enjoy some gaming, will they be painfully reminded of their spouse nagging in the next room?

Video games were meant to be a way to avoid thinking about responsibilities and relationships, and these dorky couples are tainting their gaming experience by mixing love with 120 fps ray tracing technology.

ps5 proposal - my gf was super excited that I was able to get a ps5 for us. little does she know there's more in store

These couples are also giving gamers a bad name. We're not all this loopy or irresponsible. We don't all make rash decisions—marriage—while committing to a lifelong personal investment—PS5 or Xbox Series X.

Gamers are the sane ones. Couples who think the Sony Corporation needs to be an intimate part of their love life are out of their minds.

ps5 marriage proposal - christmas came early for me and my now fiance

If you see anyone proposing to their partner with a PS5 (or Xbox) in hand, please do the responsible thing and take the console off their hands. You'll be doing us all a favor.