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Sony's PlayStation 5 launches today, but people who've been getting the console early have reported a slew of serious problems. Apparently it's almost easier to accidentally brick your PS5 than it is to use it correctly.

So far, there's at least three different ways to break your PS5 and render it completely useless. Here's some of people's favorite methods:

1. Put it in rest mode then shut it down

This seems by far the easiest and most effective way to break your system. You don't even have to have any games installed first.

Truly a technological innovation for the ages.

2. Use ethernet or the USB ports on the back

If you want to spend a little more time fiddling with your console before breaking it completely, this method may appeal to you.

All you have to do is plug in an ethernet cable or a USB cable to the back of the machine. Try one or both at the same time, either way you can't go wrong in bricking this $500 piece of equipment.

3. Transfer PS4 data

This one's a little confusing, because Sony has released clear instructions on how to transfer PS4 save data and claimed it is safe to do, but at the same time doing so may also break your machine.

Likely, Sony is just trolling us by telling us one thing but meaning the other. Who doesn't love a good practical joke?

4. Use an external hard drive

Here's a great method for those looking to spend a bit of extra dough after already dropping five Benjamins on the PS5.

Apparently if you connect an external hard drive to your PS5, the PS5 will dump its entire operating system onto it and leave you no way to transfer it back to the console.

We haven't yet tried connecting this hard drive to a smart fridge to see if you can turn that appliance into an PS5, but hopefully we'll know the answer to that soon.

5. Play Spider-Man

This last method may not be quite as effective as the others, but the mystery of it makes it much more fun.

Apparently all you have to is boot up Spider-Man and put the console into rest mode while the game is running. Most of the time that should brick your shit up nicely.

It seems the rest mode in general is the cause for much malfeasance, so get creative and play around with that to find even more cool ways to ruin a brand new and incredibly expensive gaming console.

Happy gaming, everyone!