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Rocket League, the only game to successfully mix Nascar with FIFA, is going into free to play (F2P) territory beginning September 23rd.

When Rocket League becomes free, everyone can get a taste of the adrenaline-pumping action on all platforms (including PC but only through the Epic store, NOT Steam).

rocket league

What are the changes to look out for?

What happens when this demolition derby-esque game takes the leap?

There’s still a handful of surprises up the developers’ sleeves, but here’s what we know so far:

— Rocket League will no longer be available on Steam, so you need to have the Epic Games Launcher to play.

— If you already have the game on Steam or any console, you can still run it.

— New players won’t need a subscription to play it on consoles via the Nintendo eShop, Microsoft Store, and PlayStation Store.

— You can use the same Epic Games account to carry over in-game progress thanks to awesome cross-platform progression.

rocket league player title

What about old paying players?

Before anyone starts complaining about being first, players who once paid for the game will receive a whole bunch of really cool swag, some Legacy items, as well as bragging rights with a player title that displays the very first year you started playing the game.

This marks you with a prestigious "Est. 20XX" label so that you can show off your superiority as one of the firsts. 

rocket league competitive ranks

You’ll also retain access to all of the DLC that was released before the game goes F2P, along with the following:

— 200+ Common items upgraded to "Legacy" quality

— Golden Cosmos Boost

— Dieci-Oro Wheels

— Huntress Player Banner

rocket league

Big whoop. Is there anything new within the game itself?

To celebrate the transition to F2P, Psyonix won’t leave competitive Rocket League players hanging. There will be a new ranking system that features the Supersonic Legend as the new highest competitive rank.

While the Grand Champion Rank used to be the highest title in the competition, it will now have three sub-ranks: Grand Champion 1, Grand Champion 2, and Grand Champion 3.

Players who are already Grand Champions will be grouped into the Grand Champion 1 category, and everyone will have the chance to fight for the Supersonic Legend rank. 

rocket league octane legend

Current Bronze players will be placed in a higher rank to make way for the wide-eyed newbies entering the fray.

There’s bound to be something for everyone as one of the most celebrated competitive games today makes the move to better accessibility for all players.

rocket league meme - when your shot bounces off both goal posts but your team mate is behind you - oh fuck put it back in

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