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Fortnite season 5 is bringing a ton of content with it, one of the most interesting pieces is the new Predator boss battle.

This article will show you where to find him, and how to kill him.

predator fortnite

Where to Find the Predator

The Predator can be found in the Stealthy Stronghold, and you may want to bring some friends because he’s a high health target.

Whether you go in by yourself or you come in with a team, you’ll have to be careful because you won’t be the only ones hunting him. The Predator stays on the move constantly, especially when multiple player characters are in the area.

predator fortnite

The best place to start looking is the Predator’s ship. Head to the northeastern area of Stealthy Stronghold and you may find him if you keep an eye out.

If you don’t see him, he may have moved on naturally or been scared off by other players so keep searching throughout the entire territory. This is where having a group can come in handy. Multiple people can search an area faster than just one.

predator fortnite

How To Kill The Predator

Once you find him, the challenge starts.

He can cloak just like in the movies, so the Predator will go invisible to hide from his prey. If he moves or the sunlight hits him the right way, you’ll be able to see a distortion that shows where he is.

Other than that, he’ll only be visible when he's attacking a player.

predator fortnite

The Predator can also jump extremely high to try and escape danger, making it easy to lose him if you’re on your own. The Predator can also run much faster than normal characters, so if you lose sight of your target you’ll have to track him down all over again.

And of course he has a heavy attack with his wrist-mounted blade that does massive damage.

The best strategy is to try and approach the Predator from a distance and whittle his health down over time while chasing him with a rifle. When he gets close, bait him into hitting you with his blade so you can run away.

predator fortnite

When he starts his attack combo he stands still for a few seconds, allowing you to hit him with a shotgun or whatever your highest damage weapon is.

Once you’ve killed him, pick up the cloaking device he drops, and then congratulations, now you’re The Predator!