Hunting down your friends in a free-for-all battle arena—no matter how fun—isn’t always that easy.

Sometimes you want some target practice instead, and thankfully there’s a simple trick in Fortnite Season 4 to do just that.


This in-game hack allows you to rumble around in bot-only lobbies so you can hack and slash to your heart's content without the fear of getting shot as you turn the next corner.

If you’re lacking in the hunting skills department, you can secretly train with unlimited matches against bots.

Bots are of course AI-controlled players that are normally used as filler for certain matches. They operate at pretty low levels so you can easily use them for target shooting. 

If you’re a complete n00b on Fortnite, the learning curve can be a bit steep, so it definitely helps to train with bots until you get the hang of things. 

Here’s how you can pull it off in a jiffy:

STEP ONE: Create a new account


It might sound annoying to create a whole new account just to get this thing to work, but it all hinges on this.

You’re not going to play on this new account anyway, so just create one and don’t put too much thought into it.

STEP TWO: Use a different device to log in


You’ll need a separate device from the one you're playing on now. So if you’re on console, you will need to play Fortnite on a PC or mobile device to make this trick work. 

STEP THREE: Friend yourself


Using your second dummy account, invite your main account to a party. Simply tap on the social tab and send a friend request (then accept the request on your main account).

STEP FOUR: Pick a no-fill squad game using your second account


Use your secondary account as the host, then choose a “don’t fill” squad game.

STEP FIVE: Leave the game


Once you’re in, let your second account leave the game—be sure to do this before your second account gains any experience. 

Congratulations, the lobby is now full of bots and you can repeat this trick using the same secondary account as many times as you want.


Even if you're seasoned in the game, you can use this trick to practice and surprise your friends (and enemies) with your newfound skills. 

Hopefully Epic Games doesn’t ban this trick any time soon.