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The PlayStation 5 is finally out and new owners are quickly learning something about Sony’s new console: it is gigantic.

The PS5’s massive size isn’t new information, but now that it’s in the public’s hands, fans are sharing size comparison images that put it into clearer perspective.

The new console is 15.4 inches tall and 10.24 inches deep, making it the largest console currently on the market by a large margin.

Laying down flat, it’ll have trouble fitting into some entertainment stands, while a standing system towers above Microsoft’s new Xbox Series X.

Take a look at the PlayStation 5 compared to all of Sony’s previous systems. The closest a console comes to matching its size is the PlayStation 3.

Standing upright, the PS3 is 10.8 inches tall, meaning that the newest model has over 5 inches on it.

The console looks especially monstrous next to smaller systems. One Twitter user shared an image showing how many Nintendo Wii consoles you’d have to stack on their side to reach the top of the PS5.

The Wii is 6.18 inches tall by 2.375 inches wide, meaning it takes nine Wii's to match up to one PS5.

Animals have served as another popular comparison point.

Many owners are sharing pictures of their dogs and cats next to the system, which are much closer in size than other video game consoles.

Judging by the images, the PlayStation 5 is about the size of a healthy shiba inu.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a trend if brand Twitter weren’t involved. The notoriously meme-savvy Archie Twitter account threw their hate in as well, showing off how many Archie volumes tall the system is—17 in total, including a 1,000 page collection.

Considering how big the new system is, potential owners might want to measure their entertainment centers before picking up a PlayStation 5 just to make sure it can fit.