Before they go out of business completely, GameStop is vying for attention in the dumbest way possible.

This week they announced a competition meant to benefit employees who will be working during the Black Friday sales rush at the end of the month.

I used to work there. it means they'll get 10 extra hours they can assign to somebody to work. bc you can't go over your assigned hours. this is why often only one person is in the store and why managers work 50+ hours because they're salary

gamestop was always doing stuff like this when I worked there you'd be scheduled for like 4-5 hours per week and if you wanted more you had to really earn it with the hard sell on reserves and subscriptions. if you proved yourself your commission was just more hours to wkr

Employees were supposed to submit TikTok videos of themselves dancing, and GameStop corporate would pick the best videos and award those employees the option to work extra hours during Black Friday.

Pretty quickly, people started crapping on GameStop for straight up asking their employees to dance for them not even for a prize, but simply for the opportunity to work more. People called the idea exploitative and found it to be a depressing reminder of the way hourly workers are treated.

this is socialism in practice

gamestop is the worst video game company of all time

they're literally making the working class dance for the right to put food on their table

so a dying company wants them to use a dying app?

it rules so hard that this company is dying

As a result of the hate GameStop seems to have closed the competition, although they haven't made any statements about why they thought people would actually like it to begin with.

There were also going to be some prizes attached to the competition, like an Amazon Alexa, but people suspected those goodies wouldn't have even gone to the employees working at the stores. Instead they would have just been a bonus for the store managers.

Hopefully your company treats you better than GameStop seems to treat its employees. If not, here's some work memes to take the edge off.

gamestop employees released a statement as well. adam sandler. somebody kill me please