Instead of enjoying a bright brand new Grand Theft Auto VI, Rockstar Games has given us 'Grand Theft Auto: The Triology - Definitive Edition.' Does anyone really know what that means? 

I sure don't, but apparently gamers are already experiencing some classic glitches that still exist in the remastered versions of GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas.

One such case (I'm calling it the Viagra glitch) involves wiggling your car back and forth, and slowly watching it grow larger and larger.

Now according to the gaming nerds over at Kotaku, this is actually part of an older glitch.

The long-con glitch is that you can make your car immune to collision damage.


-Steal a taxi

-Hold R3

-Exit taxi holding R3

Congrats, you're now in taxi mission mode.

-Pick up passenger

-Drive to Harwood car-crusher

-Park with driver's door next to crusher

-Teleport exit

-When the crusher tries grabbing the car, re-enter

The crusher will drop the car and the glitch is now activated. From here you can wiggle your car back and forth to your heart's content. Like the Chia Pets of yester-year, your car will grow right before your eyes.

The best part? You can store your 'glitch car' in your garage to disable collision damage. You're welcome.

The remaster has been out for a week now, and reviews have been fairly negative across the board. But nothing sums up GTA: Trilogy as perfectly as this tweet.

I guess this is what we're stuck with for another 10 years. Happy gaming!