among us video game

Party games are all about getting together with your friends, having some fun, and not taking anything too seriously, right?

Wrong. Every game is about winning, and you must stop at nothing to embarrass your friends even if you're just playing Among Us

So if you want to better ensure your victory and are willing to do whatever it takes, here's some tips to cheat your way to a dub.

Use Outside Communication

among us video game

The most obvious way to cheat is through outside communication services. The entire premise of the game is to keep quiet, do your tasks, and avoid getting killed by an impostor.

Once a body is found or an emergency meeting is called, players can then chat openly to determine who may be one of the baddies.

But if you want to make sure you and your fellow crew mates don't get screwed over, you can open the communication lines a little early through texting, Discord, or any other messaging service.

If you're a crew mate and you see the impostor pop out of a vent or kill you or someone else, you can let any of your fellow crew members know right away.

Of course for this to work you have to agree ahead of time to not lie—in the case that you end up being an impostor—but it's a pretty foolproof method if you choose it.

among us video game

And if you happen to be an impostor, you can also use outside chats to cheat.

One method requires you to have an ally on the inside. If you can convince one crew mate to stay near you and keep watch as you commit murders to make sure no one else catches you, you stand a chance at slashing your way to victory.

If you're playing with multiple impostors and you get found out, then you could use the outside line to tell the rest of the players who the second impostor is and end the game early. It may not be as much fun, but if you're impatient then you might just do it.

Hacks and Mods

among us video game

The other vehicle for cheating is to install hacks or mods on your machine to give you a leg up.

There are cheat downloads available for both PC and mobile devices, and they operate as a little menu of items you can turn on and off. Here's the super powers these mods typically offer:

— see label identify impostor

— instantly kill all or some other players

— move faster

— move through walls

— radar to see all players' locations

These mods work quite well and are effective in ruining basically any fun you might otherwise have in the game.

Feel free to use this knowledge as you wish. And if you lose any friends through cheating, you have only yourself to blame.