broken nintendo switches

Nintendo is in the news again, for the wrong reasons.

Ever since the Switch launched in 2017, there have been reports of Joy-Con drift, and recently people filed a class action lawsuit against Nintendo for their faulty controllers. 

If your Joy-Cons are drifting, you actually may be able to get in on that lawsuit. Here's everything you need to know.

Are Your Joy-Cons Working Properly?

nintendo switch joy-con controller drift

To check if your Joy-Cons are experiencing drift, start up any game that allows you to move your character with the analog sticks and put your controller down.

If you notice your character moving without you touching the analog stick, you likely have Joy-Con drift.

You can also tell if you have drift when you’re aiming in a game and your shots miss wildly because your analog stick has moved in a direction you didn’t tell it to.

nintendo switch joy-con controller drift

If you’ve noticed that you have Joy-Con drift, you can follow this link to fill out a form and become a potential beneficiary of the class action lawsuit.

It won’t require you to do anything but give some basic information, and when the case is settled you could end up getting a small check from Nintendo.

nintendo switch joy-con controller drift

In the meantime, if you’re struggling with Joy-Con drift, you may be able to send your controls into Nintendo for a repair (that should be free). For more info on that, check out Nintendo's site.