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While the Demon’s Souls remake on the PS5 brings back lots of nostalgia for fans of the series, it also brings back the crushing difficulty.

Thankfully, with the right kit and the best weapons by your side, you can make your journey more tolerable without dying every few seconds.

If you want to know the best weapons for each build in the game, here's a guide on all the weapons to use in Demon's Souls for PS5.

Depending on Your Build

demon's souls video game

There’s really no such thing as the best build, since it will all depend on your preferences and play style. As you progress, the cost of each level going up increases as well, so you really need to plan your build wisely.

First, determine if you’re a Heavy, Magic, Ranged, or Light user.

Melee players will do well with the Halberd for the Temple Knight class for good balance if you’re just starting out—it has great range and high damage, with lots of upgrade paths that scale with strength.

Picking the Temple Knight class gives you the ability to use the Healing miracle at once too.

demon's souls video game

A Sharp Broad Sword and secondary Sticky Compound Long Bow will do well for a Mage build. You can also use a Wooden Catalyst for its lack of any negative effect on MP.

Use Light weaponry for Dexterity build. You can pick from a variety of Straight Swords against crowds while inflicting bleed damage. Uchigatana is particularly powerful, as it dishes out good damage without HP drops from other katanas.

demon's souls video game

Dual-wielding Heavy weapons for Strength build include the Dragon Bone Smasher for your main and a Lava Bow for range. You can use a Brushwood Shield or the Tower Shield for your off-hand.

Depending on Where You Are in the Game

demon's souls video game

A good starter weapon is the Bastard Sword. Similar to the Halberd, it deals decent damage but is shorter and easier to wield.

Its overhead swing can really do you lots of favors when you’re struggling with narrow corridors and it scales well with your strength too. 

demon's souls video game

For mid-game, the Crescent Falchion+1 does a pretty good job of helping you hang in there. It scales with magic for spellcasters, but since it’s really fast and easy to control, it can serve you well regardless of your build. 

Overall Best Weapon

demon's souls video game

There are arguably lots of different top-tier weapons that you can use toward the end of the game, but the Northern Regalia still has one of the best stats of any weapon.

The damage output scales with your world tendency, but you can only get your hands on it once you’ve defeated the two final bosses of the game.

You need to defeat the False King without consuming the False King Demon Soul you earn after the match. Combining the Soulbrandt and Demonbrandt using the False King's Demon's Soul will help you craft the weapon and enjoy wreaking havoc in New Game +.

Here’s hoping you can make your play throughs of this unforgiving game a little more satisfying.