cyberpunk 2077 video game romance guide

Romance in real life is hard, and unfortunately romance in video games isn't always much easier. So here's a quick romance guide to learn what to say and who to say it to in Cyberpunk 2077 so you won't die lonely and alone.

Cyberpunk 2077 has many romance options, from prostitutes and quickie one-night stands, to meaningful relationships that are of significance to the game’s ending.

Whether you just want to know how to have sex in Cyberpunk 2077 or you're ready to take these relationships to the next level, here's what to do.


cyberpunk 2077 video game romance guide

Head to Jig-Jig Street in the western part of Japantown to find the Joy-Toys establishments marked on your map for some prostitute action.

All you have to do is walk up to a prostitute and hit the Talk button. They should proposition you for sex from there since the interaction is so transactional.

There are options for both male and female players so get as kinky as you like, but there's not much else you can do.

Judy Alvarez (for Female V)

cyberpunk 2077 romance options

The first meaningful romance option is a Moxes gang member named Judy Alvarez.

During the Braindance mission, Evelyn introduces Judy to help with the next mission to steal the biochip from Arasaka. Choose passive answers to flirt and create the spark.

Multiple quests will follow allowing players to call on Judy to keep her involved with the story. Remember, passive answers only. It’s pretty easy to piss her off, so if players want to keep her around, (and players should keep her around) just do what she says.

Upon completing the mission Pyramid Song, get physical with Judy, and in the morning, choose wisely when she asks about last night. The passive choice option being, “The beginning of something amazing.”

Players will then start a long-term relationship with Judy. 

Panam Palmer (for Male V)

cyberpunk 2077 romance options

A member of the Complex Nomad Clan, Panam Palmer is another key relationship in the game, even for female V players. Though the option to romance Panam is only available for male V players, she is a character all players should explore.

During the main job in Finding Anders Hellman, players will be introduced to Panam. Like Judy, players will go through multiple side jobs with opportunities to call on Panam for help, which will lead players to the opportunity to continuously make moves on Panam.

Just have patience, she will come around during the mission Queen of the Highway and the option for romance will open up.

Panam isn’t up for anything serious though, so there will be no options for a long-term, formal relationship. 

River Ward (for Female V)

cyberpunk 2077 romance

Players meet River Ward during the side job, I Fought the Law. When finished, River will ask for help on another job called The Hunt and will then ask V to dinner upon completion.

River will then take V to a private spot to view the city and ask if V likes him or if she sees him as just a friend. Again, like Judy, players should choose wisely in adding his relationship to their story. 

These are the only meaningful relationship options players will need guidance on with their answer choices.

While there is some of Johnny Silverhand’s past to explore with Alt Cunningham and Rogue Armendiares, these characters are more like necessities to the story than romance options. 

Do as you please, but please as always refrain from cuddling your PC or console at night.