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It's been a bad, bad year for Activision-Blizzard. 

The gaming giant, previously best-known for its expansive World of Warcraft series, has made headlines for all the wrong reasons this year. A series of disturbing allegations made by current and former employees point to a pervasive culture of sexism and misogyny. There have been lawsuits filed, demands for CEO Bobby Kotick to step down, and major influencers like Pokimane are boycotting Blizzard's games.

The latest bizarre twist to it all? Employees who are nursing mothers claiming their need for a safe, sanitary place to do what they need to do has been grossly underserved or ignored outright. The real kicker? Breast milk is getting stolen out of the fridge.

Here are the contents of that photo in their entirety:

screenshot of Activision employee's complaints about nursing facilities

screenshot of Activision employee's complaints about nursing facilities

Message from Activision employee Stephanie Lyon


These weren't the only people to speak up on the situation, either:


To their credit, it seems that the company's HR did attempt to address the issue by providing a separate mini-fridge shortly thereafter but for real who the f--k steals clearly-marked breast milk? That's just creepy, and yet I guess not ENTIRELY off-brand considering everything else we've learned about the company this year.

Here's hoping they get their s--t together, but I wouldn't hold my breath.