For as long as time has existed, the nerds were forced to live a life of involuntary celibacy, deriving pleasure from activities among themselves like Dungeons and Dragons or cosplaying. That is, until one teacher unlocked the secret; casually placing your 4th grade student’s Pokemon cards into protective shields on TikTok.

After having to confiscate the cards, Nihilistsarelosers decided to do something nice and make a simple video about it. “I looked through them, and a few of them are pretty messed up,” he said. But luckily, “I always have a pack of sleeves on me.”

Everything was normal, until @roddiedabarb decided to share the video to Twitter, along with her version of a “hear me out.” The 6 million people who saw the post were totally on board.

“I just wanna play with his pocket monster,” @solvirgoluna joked.

It turns out that the best way to be attractive is just doing something genuinely nice without thinking of yourself. Oh, and having some dreamy eyes and a soft voice might help too. Chalk this one up as a dub for Pokemon nerds everywhere; they’re going to need the cards to step it up while the games get bodied by Palworld.