pokimane responds - deepfake atrioc

Yesterday we covered the Twitch streamer Atrioc's viral apology video, in which he tearfully addressed being caught live with an open tab featuring deepfake porn of Pokimane and other prominent female streamers.

Now, Pokimane has responded to the incident. 

Atrioc takes responsibility in his apology and condemns deep fake adult content, but the video has sparked a discussion over the morality of deepfakes, and their accessibility. Without using many words, Pokimane addresses the crux of the issue; consent.

People are publishing easily accessible sexual content featuring the likeness of others without their consent, and it's wrong. In the case of some public figures like Pokimane, the issue is so widespread that it perpetrates into every part of their public image.

No matter what people think about the rest of her content, there is no justification for taking someone's image and likeness and using it for sexual content without permission.