sad face meme and walmart site outage data

The release of a new console is always a big event that often turns into a bit of a disaster as retailers struggle to anticipate and keep up with demand, and this year's releases are no different.

PlayStation 5 launched today (Nov. 12) and among the retailers allowing customers to purchase it on release day was retail giant Walmart - and they're almost certainly regretting not shoring up their website to meet the onslaught of gamers attempting to snag a PS5 today. 

walmart site outage data via downdetector

The first drop of PS5's came at noon, and the site almost instantly crashed due to excessive demand. Customers experienced crazy slow loading time, orders glitching out, and carts suddenly getting emptied out because the product was sold out. 

Multiple users took to Twitter to vent their frustrations:

Supposedly, Walmart plans to drop more units at 3:00 pm, 6:00 pm, and 9:00 pm, so we'll see if those drops fare any better.