spider-man: miles morales aerial tricks

Mastering the Spider-Verse aerial tricks in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, looks kind of complex, but it's actually a pretty simple trick that makes traversing the map more fun.

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to perform all the special aerial tricks and to successfully exaggerate your swagger.

How to do the Air Trick/Dive Trick in the Spider-Verse: 

spider-man: miles morales aerial tricks

Before you start doing any cool moves, you have to get a hang of the dive trick. This puts Miles in the correct position to do his more exciting moves.

Practice this trick on the tallest building you can find. Hold L3 at the edge of the building then click both R2 and X at the same time to position Miles in a backwards flip.

Let go of R2 and X after jumping, but keep holding L3

The dive trick MUST be accomplished in order to follow it up with free falling tricks. If Miles does not position himself in that backwards flip position after jumping off of the building, try again.

Practice and timing are key in mastering the Spider-Verse aerial tricks.

How to do Freefalling in the Spider-Verse:

spider-man: miles morales aerial tricks

After perfecting the dive trick, prepare to free fall in style and strike some Spidey poses.

While still holding L3, hold Square then let go of L3, but still use it for direction. This will let you free fall properly while also being able to switch positions

If you want a laid-back Spidey, move L3 up while only holding Square.

Moving L3 down while holding Square will prompt Miles to pull out his phone.

Moving L3 left or right while holding Square positions Spidey in a side view, both ways.

How to do aerial tricks while swinging in the Spider-Verse:

spider-man: miles morales aerial tricks

You can also do these aerial tricks while swinging through the city. This is a good way to boost your Venom Bar on the way to a big fight and maybe get there a bit faster too.

Hold L3 while swinging and at the peak of each swing, let go of R2 and press X.

If done correctly, Miles goes into his wild free falling position, prompting you to hold Square and use L3 for direction.

Go wild with the joystick to do spirals, flips, hold up the peace sign, and twist yourself into all kinds of positions.

spider-man: miles morales aerial tricks

That’s all there is to it. Remember, practice getting the timing of your dive right and the rest will come naturally.