WeFoundTheBody trauma dump - twitch streamer

Twitch streamer, WeFoundTheBody is facing criticism after losing his cool on a viewer who commented in his chat that her mother had recently passed away. Accusing the viewer of 'trauma dumping,' he proceeded to berate her for ruining the mood of the stream and bringing down the vibe.

Understandably, WeFoundTheBody was put on blast by many in the Twitch community who came out in defense of the viewer, who goes by MissNerdyCurvy. You can read her version of events here

Things only got worse after he attempted an apology video, claiming that he had asked her in the past to withhold mentioning negative life events in the comments. He went on to say that his reaction was not because her mother died, but because he doesn't like her. Needless to say, it didn't paint him in a better light. You can watch his whole apology here

While WeFoundTheBody certainly came out looking like a prick, some people came to his defense. The incident also opened up a discussion of 'trauma dumping,' or intentionally burdening someone else with your own difficult information. 

The general consensus was that even if MissNerdyCurvy should have handled her comment differently, WeFoundTheBody was so far off the mark in his reaction, that the two actions are hardly comparable as he tried to imply in his apology. 

In any event, it's not a Twitch channel we feel the need to check out in the near future.